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what did tian wei do well in?( ) A.English B.Math C.Chinese D.Sciencethousand words.in her book she said,“i’m always aching.if possible,i’ll let my right eye weeep but the other one smile." Did he do well in Math last term?改为同义句Did he do well in Maths last term?改为同义句_______________Maths last term? She is going to be a nurse soon.(改为否定句) 不懂英语 想跟外国人聊天英语很烂?想跟外国人聊天 怎么办?还有什么好方法啊? Every man should marry.After all,happiness is not the only thing in 英语翻译会议秘书 西安市07年PETS报名时和地点? 怎样才能把英语单词记住? he is a little weak in this but he tried his best to catch up with other 英语单词怎样才能快速记住? I am going to be a nurse.(用what提问) 一、根据字母填单词 1.What’s your i______school like?It's very i_____.二、中译英1.三班的学生比四班的多.There are_______ _______in Class 3______in Class 4.2.桌上的面包比冰箱里的少.There is_____ ______on the table___ A:Hello!_____ B:I'm going to be a nurse.A.Is it boring?B.Hao about you?C.What are you going to be when you grow up?D.I'm sure you will be a great nurse.E.Hao are you going to become a nurse?F.Do you work with children now?G.That's an interesting job, ride变现在进行时怎么变 do well in 词组互译 take 现在进行时 有do well in doing这个短语吗? 7.What’s your ________________(理想) school like? I do well in maths.的同义句 swing,ride的现在进行时紧急.一分内有答案必有重谢! 这个电视节目是关于什么的?英文翻译 take的现在进行时造句 怎样写这样的作文 翻译:实习生 请问这样的作文怎样写write a reply to X to confirm your attendance at the fair and decline the invitation to the reception.60——80字 There is no friendship,no love,like that ofthe parent for the child.是谁说的? 这样的作文咋样写啊..有个文言文后面的作文老师让写的题目是..我最敬佩的***..必须是历史人物..额想写诸葛亮.... 我的数学总是不好,每节课都有认真听讲,我胆子小,问别人这道题怎么做我也不敢,我该怎么办 2011年天津的公共英语下半年的什么时间报名? 要具体的时间 天津 公共英语下半年 什么时候报名我想考9月内个\ 重庆2011年下半年pets什么时间开始报名 I didn't do as well in math as in science.和I learnt math not as well as science.哪句话正确能不能用be good at 和同级比较写一下这个句子的同义句